RISE Welcomes You.

RISE: Where you are not alone.RISE logo Rotated

Refugee Information Services and Empowerment (RISE)

Know that from this day henceforth, you are welcome.

Know that from this day hence forth,

you are welcome.

RISE logo Rotated

RISE, the Refugee Information Services and Empowerment, is a response to the increasing number of immigrants and refugees living as our neighbors, and our call to welcome and support their presence among us.

RISE welcomes refugees and Immigrants, with open heart, open hands and vital information

4 thoughts on “RISE Welcomes You.

    1. I agree Laura that our upcoming Resource Center will serve as the principal information window for our community’s immigrants and refugee population and inspire actions of hope, tolerance, love, embrace and uplifting of the human spirit. What a noble idea and Kudos to the entire team at CKC.
      ANDREW Greene

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  1. We must realize that at one point in our or ancestors life we were immigrants moving from one part to another, if some of our progenitors had been refused entry we would not have achieved much. Furthermore, I am excited to be a part of RISE because God loves us all and each human being was created in God’s image.

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  2. I am looking forward to the opportunity to help out our immigrant neighbors as they look for services in the community. We are so lucky to have members of our group from all around the world, many who are recent immigrants as well. We all just want to assist one another with the challenges of coming to a new place. So happy to be a part of this work! Sam

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