MUSIC Therapy for Immigrants and Refugees

On Monday September the 10th 2018, Amy Tenny a music therapist and former non-profit immigration and refugee attorney was welcome to RISE as a guest speaker. She spoke passionately about her work of using music as a means towards healing and integrating communities and giving voices to refugees and other vulnerable Immigrants in the community. DSC01197

DSC01195She came to RISE to share information about her efforts in the field of  music therapy and refugees in Baltimore and across Maryland. She says her work has began in East Baltimore and she hopes her organization will collaborate with other organizations to establish the healing and community integration through music.

She says her program which has began small is providing music therapy services and teach methods for healing to participants who are vulnerable in the communities. She hopes her work will also inspire refugees and immigrants experiences and serve as a healing power through music, storytelling, workshops and other  opportunities at  creative expressions, creative arts therapy. With a focus of the choir music , the choir will help in music therapy designed to foster self-expression, creativity, relaxation and trauma care.   DSC01193

She says: “as you know from the news many asylum seekers are out there and most people are here for safety”. She likes working with small groups 5-10 and has started taking referrals for individuals. She also wants to do some work focusing on bullying in schools (after school communities) and using music for self-expression and therapy. She also ask for referrals and will like someone who can teach guitar. She also showed RISE members her website  Her fellowship is funded by the Open Society Institute Baltimore. 

RISE Welcomed Amy and RISE volunteer Paulette Hammond suggest that RISE can assist by putting the RICH Refugee – Immigrant Connection & Healing website on to RISE website. Andrew Greene of RISE shared a short video about his work of using music to engage youth affected by war and as a healing process in West Africa.
The Rev. Mary A. Eliot the Rector at Christ the King Episcopal Church, and a RISE volunteer suggest that she can make spaces available for clients for the music and dancing in the church. Mary also says that “we can work together more on similar interest on refugees and immigrants” and thank the guest Speaker Amy  for her presentation. Sam talks about her art classes and hopes to integrate that into arts  therapy for RISE. Edward Williams a RISE volunteer also thanked Amy for her contribution and shared the need for such diverse programs in the community to help immigrants and refugees.


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